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David Vincent's: Martial Arts for Teens

Skills that serve tomorrow

Our Martial Arts program challenges teens to build physical, mental and emotional strength.

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"DVMA offers a welcoming, positive environment for kids and adults to learn martial arts. Our daughter started as a pre-teen and gained a lot of self-confidence in addition to TaeKwonDo skills."

"If you are looking for quality Martial Arts with knowledgeable, caring, & passionate Instructors, this is the place for you! The staff is enthusiastic & energetic, and gives each student the attention they need & deserve. Highly Recommend!!"

"Mr. Vincent and Mrs. Vincent are very knowledgeable in martial arts and have taught me a lot over years and I recommend them to anyone. If you want to learn a variety of martial arts they the ones to go to."

martial arts for modern times

Our progressive martial arts curriculum and wide diversity of training topics help strengthen students to face the challenges of today.

More benefits

Our martial arts classes pack a serious punch! They are fun and educational all while providing a great workout.

Our classes emphasize core values like discipline, respect, and perseverance. Students learn that the way they treat others – in and out of the dojo – reflects their character and affects their ability to achieve their goals.

The study of martial arts requires them to pursue goals on a regular basis. Each skill they learn, and each belt they earn, represents a goal that they have achieved.

Studying martial arts helps teens learn to face challenges and overcome problems. These are the lessons that will follow them to your home, to the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.

Our mission: our passion

Our mission is to improve lives through Martial Arts based defense, fitness and character development. Our team of instructors is not only committed to this but also passionate about it.


class schedule in effect: June 13, 2022


11:30 am Adult & Teen Martial Arts

6:00 pm Adult & Teen Martial Arts


11:00 am Adult & Teen Martial Arts


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6:00 pm Adult & Teen Martial Arts


11:30 am Adult & Teen Martial Arts

6:00 pm Adult & Teen Martial Arts


6:00 pm Adult & Teen Martial Arts


Tiny Tigers

Ages 3-4


adult classes

Ages 16+


Little Dragons

Ages 5-6


Summer camps

Summer Day Camps


Youth Classes

Ages 7-12


Birthday Party

Ninja Birthday Parties

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