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Focus skills to Learn & Grow

Martial Arts Enrichment Program

Learn. train. grow.

We believe in raising not just strong kids, but strong characters. Our martial arts classes provide an outlet for children's energy and teaches respect, discipline, and core values. 

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our children. our future.

course description

Our Martial Arts Enrichment Program promotes positive growth, building confidence and awareness through martial arts skills and games. Our weekly topics of focus, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, team work and initiative provide guidance and structure throughout the eight week course. 

course structure

With every class we teach, our first goal is to educate. Every student should have fun and leave class with increased awareness, confidence, and practical knowledge on how to defend themselves and those they care about. 



Our Martial Arts Enrichment Program is a detailed curriculum for pre-school and school age children that promotes positive growth, building confidence and awareness through Martial Arts skills and games.

  • When, where and what time are the classes offered?
    Our Martial Arts Enrichment program is an eight-week session, conveniently held in the morning at your child care center. Our morning classes provide a great opportunity for young practitioners to start their day with energy and focus.
  • What does my child need for the classes?
    We've kept it simple for your convenience! Kids attending our Martial Arts Enrichment classes at their school or child care center won't need any additional gear. All they need to wear are comfortable and active clothes.
  • When is the graduation held for the Martial Arts Enrichment class?
    The graduation ceremony is a special and memorable event, and is held at the final class of each eight-week session. Graduations are about 45 minutes in length are not only a celebration of achievement but also a fantastic opportunity for parents to see firsthand what their child has learned in our program. Students will showcase the skills they have learned while participating in the program, break a wooden board, and earn their first (or next) martial arts belt.
  • Do students learn new material if they participate in multiple sessions of the Martial Arts Enrichment program?
    Our Martial Arts Enrichment programs offer a dynamic and engaging experience for both new and previous students. Each session of our Martial Arts Enrichment program is designed as a part of our curriculum rotation, but does not specifically build on the previous session. This allows us to provide a comprehensive learning journey for students. Whether you're a new student looking to start your martial arts journey or a previous student returning to continue your training, you're welcome to participate in our sessions.
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Listening & Motor skills

Our Martial Arts Enrichment Program is more than just an in-school activity—it's a character-building journey. Over an eight-week course, students will not only learn valuable martial arts skills but will also be guided in the principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, teamwork, and initiative.

Eric v.

“I absolutely love David Vincent’s Martial arts. They’re extremely knowledgeable. They really care about the kids. As a Dad I was a little worried when my daughter chose Karate. She ABSOLUTELY LOVED it from day 1."

Nicole P.

"I am beyond impressed with the professionalism but also the personal and friendly feel of the classes."

Jeanne T.

“The instructors are wonderful! Kids have a great time and learn many skill with a big emphasis on respect and discipline.”

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