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Team Maverick's National Championship win shared by Mr. Ky Borskey

Team Maverick

Being a part of this demo team was a chance for me to pick back up where I left off when I was a kid. I was a part of the 2013 demo team that won 1st place in Orange Beach and a couple more after that. We took a break from the demo team competition for some years, and then one tournament we were watching the competition and decided that we had to jump back in and show everybody how it’s done. 

Hard Work

Nothing that is worth having in life comes easy, especially if you want to be the best consistently. You have to put in a lot of work and effort for the things that you want to accomplish. Hard work comes in different forms throughout different seasons of life. It is one thing to be a little kid just following directions and learning choreography, but it is another thing to organize practices, music, and putting together an entire demo from scratch. 


It is easy for people to see a really talented group of people and assume that everything comes easy for them. Do I believe that we had the most talent on our team? Yes, but hard work beats talent every time if talent doesn’t work hard. The real formula is to have a talented group of people that are humble and willing to grind and get after it to reach the goal. 


Like I said before, a championship performance doesn’t just happen. It takes countless hours of preparation, brainstorming, sweat, run-throughs, etc. We also had to find all of that time for demo team preparation outside of regular class time. We still had all of our students to focus on and prepare for the tournament, and we were all personally training for our belt testings and individual competitions. Three days out of the week, we would start practice after the adult class around 8 and we wouldn’t leave until 10 some nights. There were also some Saturdays where we would get to the studio early or stay late to practice. We also had to keep in mind that one of our teammates lives in Texas!

Pushing Through

Preparing for a competition can come with some ups and downs. Almost all of our practices were at the end of the day, after everyone had already been to school and work. We were all exhausted and hungry most of the time, but we had to focus on the task at hand and realize that we had a goal that was more than worth it. We also had to push through a lot of physical limitations with injuries, bruises, fatigue, etc. It isn’t always easy to balance getting good reps at practice and resting your body. 

A Bond That Can Never Be Broken

Being on Team Maverick was an experience like no other, and it is all because of the people. We can truly say that we are a family, and we will be one forever. If anyone saw how hard we worked and how we encouraged each other and lifted each other up along the way, they would know that we were doing this for each other. Most of us were already good friends, which makes it easier to work together, but somehow we all got even closer throughout these past few years. 

The Result

Did we get what we wanted? Absolutely, and we expected nothing less. No one in our organization has ever won three championships in a row, and we did it. Some people thought the first year was a fluke because we had just jumped back into it, but then we did it again. Then, of course no one thought we could get even better… and we did. All those banners are worth all the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) that it took, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Team Maverick rules!

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