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Focus skills to Learn & Grow

Martial Arts Enrichment Program

Learn. train. grow.

Studying martial arts is ideal for young children. Martial arts provides an outlet for their energy and teaches respect, discipline, and core values. We bring these values directly to your school or child care center.

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our children. our future.

course description

Our Martial Arts Enrichment Program promotes positive growth, building confidence and awareness through martial arts skills and games. Our weekly topics of focus, courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, team work and initiative provide guidance and structure throughout the eight week course. 

course structure

With every class we teach, our first goal is to educate. Every student should have fun and leave class with increased awareness, confidence, and practical knowledge on how to defend themselves and those they care about. 



Our Martial Arts Enrichment Program is a detailed curriculum for pre-school and school age children that promotes positive growth, building confidence and awareness through Martial Arts skills and games.

More benefits

We bring the Martial Arts skills of focus, discipline and concentration to your child's classroom– lessons that help students reach for excellence and become a leader today and tomorrow.

Through our structured program and fun Martial Arts drills, students learn how to focus on the task at hand and be successful in following multi-step instructions.

Your child will have fun and play games in our Martial Arts Enrichment program, but more importantly, will benefit from character lessons that help our students reach for excellence in the classroom and in life.

We bring our lessons of discipline, team work and initiative direct to your child's classroom for a convenient way to gain all the benefits Martial Arts has to offer.


Listening & Motor skills

Our enrichment program will teach your child how to better control their emotions, and have greater attention span when playing with others while being respectful.

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