Why Us

Our Program

Our unique approach to Martial Arts instruction provides students with positive results specific to each individual student’s needs. Whether your goals are self-confidence, self defense, personal development, fitness, focus, or earning a black belt, our studio will take you there. From our pre-school, Little Dragons programs, to our martial arts fitness programs, our instructors are dedicated to helping you and your family achieve your individual goals.

Here at David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness, our mission is to enhance the lives of our students through Martial Arts based self defense, fitness, and character development.

Why Us?

  • Our 5600 square foot, three-room facility is a clean, safe, welcoming, learning environment.
  • Our convenient class schedule offers opportunities six days a week to fit into you and your family’s busy lifestyle.
  • All of our programs are age specific, meeting the exact needs of the pre-school student, elementary child, teenager and adult.
  • David Vincent personally oversees all programs to insure the highest quality instruction and optimal personal results.  With his 30+ years of Martial Arts experience, he has a proven track-record of success.
  • Our courteous staff of expert instructors are hand selected, continually trained and certified with the goal of providing each student the highest quality of instruction.
  • Our unique belt program is both traditional and innovative, providing you a clear path to success and achievement. 
  • Our classes are a complete program for the entire family.

Children Programs

  • Our program develops discipline, focus, and self confidence while promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles in a safe and fun environment.
  • Our Martial Arts programs are a tool that can help your child in other sports, as well as keep them healthy and fit. Many drills that we practice enhance skills they will need in other extracurricular activities. For example, proper balance and hand-eye coordination are skills that are essential in sports such as baseball, football, gymnastics, and soccer. Our Martial Arts programs can give your child the competitive edge.

Teen Programs

  • Our classes keep teens physically fit, promotes respect for themselves and others, and provides an environment of positive peer pressure. 
  • We address the challenges teens face and give them the confidence to make the right decision.

Adult Programs

  • Our adult program is designed with you in mind.  That’s why we offer classes six days a week, personal training programs, small group lessons, and open mat time.  
  • All of our programs incorporate practical self defense, traditional Martial Arts, and innovative fitness in a positive, motivating environment.
  • Our Martial Arts and Fitness programs are designed as a fun alternative to the same-old gym membership. Our classes incorporate aerobic activity, resistance training, and core stability to provide our students with a complete, total-body workout.
  • With participation in our programs, our students increase flexibility, reduce stress, lose weight, build and tone muscle, and improve stamina and cardiovascular health.

We are ready and able to give you and your family the additional support to face life’s challenges and stay on the right path.  Get started today: