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Teens' Martial Arts for Ages 12-16

An action packed program designed specifically for students age twelve to sixteen. Teen programs incorporates the most exciting and physically challenging elements of the Martial Arts -- a combination of dynamic kicks and practical self defense. Our classes are specifically designed to instill confidence as the student develops and advances in their training. It addresses the challenges that teens are experiencing today and provides a disciplined atmosphere with positive role models for students to train.

In addition to the practical teachings of Martial Arts, you will see many physical benefit from our program. Our classes blend functional movements with cardiovascular conditioning and will help you develop core strength, improve balance and stability, and increase spatial awareness and gross motor control.

Teen Martial Arts classes available:

Monday 6:00 pm Martial Arts

Tuesday 11:30 am Martial Arts
6:00 pm Martial Arts

Wednesday  6:00 pm Martial Arts

Thursday 11:30 am Martial Arts
6:00 pm Martial Arts

Saturday 10:30 am Martial Arts
12:15 pm Seminar

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