Instructors & Team

Our Instructors have spent many years devoted to training in the art of Taekwondo as well as other disciplines of martial arts. They have attained a certain level of expertise to qualify them as teachers and also mentors.

Through extensive testing, certification, and tournament level competition, our team of Instructors has attained mastery in this martial art and now enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

David Vincent

David Vincent, Seventh Degree Master Instructor, is a 35 year veteran of martial arts; training, teaching and competing in various disciplines. In 1993 his passion for the arts became his full time profession as he opened his first of three martial arts studios. 

 Master Vincent credits his father’s influence as the driving force of his interest in the martial arts as well as his mentor in business. In 2010 he served to create and form Taekwondo United with the collaborated efforts of many former business partners and friends as the first Chairperson of Taekwondo United. 

 His mission is to “enhance the lives of his students through Martial Arts based fitness, self defense and character development.” 

Sarah Vincent

Sarah Vincent, 6th Degree Master Instructor, began her training in Taekwondo at age 11 and has never looked back. 

Her love of competition and sport made her excel not only in martial arts, but also as a member of Louisiana State University's track team, the NCAA National Championship team each of her four years at LSU. After earning her degree in marketing, she directed her full time attention to teaching and promoting her love of Martial Arts at David Vincent’s Martial Arts. 

 Now an amateur runner and professional martial artist, Sarah spends her time training in Ashtanga Yoga, Inayan Eskrima, Chang Hun Taekwondo and sharing her passion and knowledge with others.

Brandon Shirley

Fifth Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Brandon Shirley has been a student of the martial arts since 1996. His experiences in his own training and competition have been of great benefit to the students he instructs and makes him a major asset to our studio. Now being the father of three young grasshoppers has given him new perspective on the values of focus and discipline that martial arts instills.

Tom Bihlmeyer

Fourth Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Tom Bihlmeyer has a passion for martial arts. He has trained in many different styles of martial arts all over the world. Kuk Sool in South Dakota, Kung fu in Japan, and Tae Guk in Korea to name a few, Tom brings a vast knowledge of martial arts to our studio. In his own training, Tom has always enjoyed the competition and goal setting aspects of Taekwondo. Now as an instructor, he is able to help others train for their competitions and fulfill the goals they set for themselves.

Nikolaus Bihlmeyer

Third Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Nik is a talented martial artist and natural leader. Not only disciplined in his martial artist training, Nik is a focused student in school. As an LSU Tiger, Nik balances ROTC, his academic studies and his Martial Arts training.

Elena Bihlmeyer

Elena is a Senior Third Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor. Elena’s presence when teaching a class is enormous compared to her petite frame. She is equally comfortable with a room full of four years old, as she is teaching forms to our adult students. And as a Freshmen at LSU, Elena has earned high marks. We are equally proud of her discipline at school as we are of her skills in Martial Arts.

Trey Dotson

Trey Dotson is an accomplished Martial Artist as well as a dedicated instructor. He has been training with Master David Vincent since 1998 and is a champion in the sparring ring as a competitor as well as in the classroom as an instructor. Trey is also very knowledgeable with several weapons including nunchucks, samurai swords, and tonfas.

Tia Talamantez

Second Degree Black Belt and Junior Certified Instructor, Tia is a gifted martial artist and a shining example of what hard work and dedication can deliver. She has a passion for Taekwondo, Martial Arts weapons and acrobatics, and shares her passion with our students when leading classes, summer camps and birthday parties.

Kylan Borskey

Kylan is a Senior Second Degree Black Belt and Junior Certified Instructor who has been training in Taekwondo since the age of nine. Kylan is a dedicated and gifted athlete and a natural leader, qualities that show whether he is training in a class or teaching a group of students. He has a passion for the martial arts, and enthusiasm for sharing it with others.

Troy Davis

Troy Davis holds the rank of Decided Third Degree Black Belt and is also a Senior Certified Instructor. Troy began training in kuk sool won at the age of 12 years old and picked back up by training in Taekwondo many years later. You can find Mr. Davis with is four boys at the studio several nights a week teaching our students and his sons the lessons of Martial Arts: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit.

Micah Davis

Micah Davis is a Third Degree Black Belt and Junior Certified Instructor at David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness. Micah’s Taekwondo skills are through the roof, and his creativity of combining nunchucks, acrobatics, swords, break dancing, and Taekwondo techniques makes him a great addition to our demonstration team and to our Instructor corp.

Alethea O’Quinn

Third Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Alethea brings a lot of experience to our instructor team. As a retired teacher from the Baton Rouge public school system, Alethea’s experiences are an incredible asset to our studio, and her passion for always learning is an inspiration.

Teresa Cherbonnier

Terry began training in Taekwondo in 2008 and earned the rank of Third Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor. She is now dedicating most of her training to Eskrima and the Filipino Martial Arts. Terry leads by example with her work ethic, perseverance, and positive attitude.

Jessica Brouillette

Third Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Jessica Brouillette graduated with honors from LSU in Mass Communications. She shows a dedication to excellence in all aspects of her life including her Taekwondo training. Jessica expects the best out of her students and out of herself, and this commitment to excellence makes her not only a great martial artist but also a great instructor.

Keith Bonnette

Keith Bonnette is a Sixth Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor of Martial Arts at DVMAFit. Keith is a life long student of martial arts and has been training with David Vincent since 1994. He has operated his own martial arts clubs and now brings his experience and expertise to the students at David Vincent’s Martial Arts.

Jennifer Bonnette

Fifth Degree Black Belt and Senior Certified Instructor, Jenny is an accomplished martial artist student. Jenny began her training at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida and continues to progress as a martial artist with us in Baton Rouge. Also a great instructor, she is firm when teaching the lessons of Taekwondo because she has a true compassion for the students she is teaching.

Dominick Davis

Dominick Davis began in our Little Dragon classes at David Vincent's Martial Arts at the age of four, and has been one of our hardest working students ever since.  Dominick is a natural competitor who works hard to get it right, and knows the importance of leading by example.  He is excited to continue his training and competition, and to help other students excel in theirs.