Birthday Parties

So, you are considering a Martial Arts Party for your next birthday? This will be the most fun and action packed party you can plan, without having to do any planning! You can bring any refreshments or decorations (tablecloth, balloons, etc.) that you would like to have, and we do the rest!
Here are guidelines and a brief outline for your birthday party:

Birthday Ninja and family arrive and may set up any additional decorations for party. As friends and guests begin to arrive, the Birthday Ninja shows their friends how to enter the Taekwondo do-jang (ie. Take off shoes and bow two times, once for courtesy and once for respect), and how to kick the heavy bags. When most of the guests have arrived, we officially start the Martial Arts portion of the party. We first go over the rules of our studio (no punching and kicking their brothers, sisters, pets or each other!) and then we get to the fun stuff! We do drills and play games for about 45 minutes to an hour and save half an hour at the end of the party for cake, ice cream, and presents. The Birthday Ninja, then, collects their gifts and their family and can take off (leave the clean-up to us!)

With our current demand birthday party reservations are only available for our current members. The birthday party package includes an hour and a half party, 25 invitations, and unlimited guests. Guests also receive a “Free Pass” card with their invitation. Birthday parities are $339 with $100 due to book the party and receive invitations, and the balance due on the day of the party. To share the party, an additional “Birthday Ninja” can be added for only $75. Happy Birthday from the Instructors at David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness!

* Required