Belt Testings

Our martial arts program divides the various stages of experience and ability into ranks denoted by colored belts. Students begin as a White Belt in our program and as their experience and knowledge increases, they become eligible to test for more advanced ranks. The requirements for each belt level are defined in detail in our curriculum manual and represent incremental improvement in a students abilities.

By dividing our curriculum into sections, students learn to take on new challenges and set short term goals for themselves. Learning to tackle complex and comprehensive bodies of knowledge by breaking them down into smaller portions is a skill that benefits our students in their Taekwondo training as well as in an academic class or a professional setting.

As a student of martial arts, you will soon realize there is much to learn and much to earn. As you learn things in class, you will earn stripes on your Taekwondo belt. After you have earned all of the required stripes on your belt, you will be eligible to test for your next rank. We offer belt testings every eight weeks for all eligible students to test to earn their next belt.

Testing is a very important part of our Martial Arts program. Motivation, confidence, and improved skill are all goals we have for our students. The testing experience is one way we can positively challenge you to be your best. Testing is a formal event where students wear their full uniform and perform the material for their current rank. In the days after the testing, we hold an awards party to award students with their new belts and certificates and celebrate our students progress. If you still need to earn stripes or have any questions about whether or not you are ready to test for your next belt, please let us know. Our instructors are committed to preparing you for this exciting new experience!

April Belt Testing:

Wednesday, April 11th

4:30 pm Little Dragons Testing & Awards
5:30 pm Jr. White - Green Belt Testing & Awards
6:30 pm Instructor Training
6:30 pm Sparring Clinic for NEW Orange Belts

Thursday, April 12th

5:00 pm Jr. Purple - Black Belt Testing & Awards
6:30 pm Teen & Adult Testing & Awards

Testing Notes: 
No regular classes during Testing Events & Awards.
Wear FULL uniform to all Testing Events.
Instructor Team should be at all Testing Events.
High rank students not eligible for Rank Testing should be at Teen & Adult Testing to help judge, spar, hold boards and encourage other students.

Check our calendar for our upcoming testing dates or see more photos on our Flickr page.