Belt Programs

Our unique Taekwondo program offers a systematic method of student development and progress measured by colored belts.  David Vincent’s Martial Arts and Fitness’ instructors will guide you and/or your child through the training required to achieve the rank of Black Belt and beyond in Taekwondo.

White Belt

There are so many new and exciting things to learn as a White Belt student in our Taekwondo program.  We will start with the basic stances (we believe in the strength of a firm foundation), then teach basic blocks and defense, as well as, basic strikes and kicks. 

See our White Belt Curriculum

Yellow Belt

At the rank of Yellow Belt, students begin to build on the basics they learned as a White Belt in our Taekwondo program. These basics help students develop balance and coordination that will aid them in their Martial Arts training as well as other activities.

See our Yellow Belt Curriculum

Orange Belt

With the rank of Orange Belt come many new challenges and opportunities to grow and develop in the art of Taekwondo.  Students begin free sparring at the rank of Orange Belt.  As an Orange Belt, you will work more closely with a partner in our classes, and begin to put together your own combinations learning control, safety rules, and target recognition.

See our Orange Belt Curriculum

Green Belt

Green Belt notes a time of growth in a students journey as a martial artist.  Having demonstrated control and safety, now the students are continuing to learn more advanced Taekwondo techniques (combinations, spin kicks, and jump kicks) and are gaining a deeper understanding of how these techniques work together.  

See our Green Belt Curriculum

Purple Belt

At the rank of Purple Belt, students are continuing to learn and perfect the basics of Taekwondo, but now have a better understanding of how these basics are put together in combinations.  

See our Purple Belt Curriculum

Blue Belt

After now understanding control and target recognition, Blue Belt students begin to develop advanced sparring techniques.  In addition, students now demonstrate the power and accuracy of their Taekwondo through board breaking.

See our Blue Belt Curriculum

Brown Belt

At the rank of Brown Belt, students can see Black Belt on their horizon, and now enter into the next phase of advanced training. Advanced skills are practiced, and a deeper understanding of control and power are demonstrated through sparring and board breaking.

See our Brown Belt Curriculum

Red Belt

Red Belt students have studied Taekwondo for almost three years. They have practiced balance, agility, and coordination through their forms and combinations; they have practiced control and teamwork when working with a partner; they have learned how to generate power in their Taekwondo techniques through board breaking; and they know the importance of perseverance in their training.

See our Red Belt Curriculum

Black Belt

Black Belt means "Knowledge of the Basics".  It is not the end of a Martial Artist's journey, but just the beginning.

See our Black Belt Curriculum